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Currently the only available publication on this subject, Russia Now presents 37 examples of contemporary Russian architecture and product design, all of which can more than hold their own on the international stage. The new Russia has long since adopted as its own the former Soviet Union‘s ambitious desire to be a leading player in the cre­ative disciplines – with one difference: The designs and con­struction processes coming out of Russia now reflect those of the country‘s former ideological foe.

Content: Sergey Tkachenko, Ilja Utkin, Andrey Trofimov, Art-Blya, Sergey Skuratov, Mikhail Belov, Mikhail Posokhin, Atrium, Vitruvius and Sons, Project Meganom, Mikhail Filippov, Inna Rannak, Elena Franchan, Salavat Timiryasov, Boris Bernaskoni, Aleksandr Kuptsov, XYZ Architects, Manworksdesign, Viktor Freydenberg, Art. Lebedev Studio, Evgenij Korneev etc.

Philipp Meuser (ed.)
Russia Now
Contemporary Architecture and Design
210 × 230 mm, 336 pages, over 250 images
softcover with slipcase
German | English | Russian
ISBN 978-3-938666-72-2

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