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17.Sep.2012 » branding, graphic, mixed

About the Typeface:
FF Scuba is a readable contemporary sans, with a distinctive character. The initial concept for the family emerged during designer Felix Braden’s search for an offline companion for the Verdana Typeface. After he couldn’t find the exact tone that he was looking for, he set off on the development of a new series of types.

The family’s eight weights—each with companion Italics— range from Thin to Black. All of the fonts work quite well for body copy. The Pro versions support Fontfont’s Latin Extended character set, and each font contains four figure styles, too.

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In text, resulting FF Scuba’s feeling is a bit tighter and more condensed than Verdana, which is exactly what one would expect from a typeface tooled to the needs of printmedia, rather than on-screen reading only. Still at small sizes, FF Scuba blends well with Verdana. In larger sizes, its particular originality is revealed. The design combines constructed letters, like an almost rectangular o and stems that are tapering inwards as they reach their ends, with dynamic strokes and other written elements. This mix giving the typeface a lively touch, while still keeping it true to its technical roots.

About Felix Braden:

Felix Braden studied communication design at the Fachhochschule Trier with Prof. Andreas Hogan and worked as assistant of Jens Gehlhaar at Gaga Design. He was one of the founders of Glashaus Design and has worked as Art Director at MWK and freelance type designer in Cologne since 2003. In 2000 he founded the free font foundry Floodfonts and designed numerous typefaces which are available as webfonts via Typekit. His commercial font are distributed by Fountain, Sweden (Capri, Sadness and Grimoire), URW++ (Supernormale) and Volcanotype (Bikini).


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