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After four years of publishing, zeixs enters the next phase. Our brand new blog is a logical progression of the original idea behind zeixs. This blog is designed as an open platform where everyone can contribute, showcase and promote his/her own works. Use it as your own display window!

If you would like to present your work at  our blog, you may send us not only selected works, but also a short description of yourself, of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it!
Make this blog to your own shopwindow. It’s open now!

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marc wnuck «

» Born 1972 in Cologne
» Founder from zeixs.com
» CEO 12ender Design Agency
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peter feierabend «

» Born 1960 in Hannover
» Founder from zeixs.com
» CEO FUB Berlin/Cologne
» visit website » send mail

simon rei «

» Born in Hospital
» Hardcore Coder
» CEO at DieIdeeistgut
» visit website » send mail

herr thönnes «

» Born 1983 in Speyer
» Graphic Designer
» CEO herrthoennes.de
» visit website » send mail

erika martins «

» Born 1979 in Kasachstan
» Dipl. Graphic Designer
» CEO vareschka.de
» visit website » send mail

rick tonizzo «

» Born 1979 in Luxembourg
» Graphic Designer
» Art Director @ seso.at
» visit website » send mail

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