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Patterns are everywhere – on paper or cloth, as a wallpaper or on wrapping material. Patterns can be strictly abstract and geometrical or concrete, multicoloured or monochrome. Sometimes they serve as a background, sometimes as a coating. They are usually composed of a recurrent motif – often floral or natural, sometimes abstract. They have in common that they’re not meant to be seen as a picture with a focus, nor as the main thing that draws the attention. The purpose of a pattern is mostly to create a mood, a backdrop, a setting for the main thing. Creating an ideal pattern requires a certain restraint and a good knowledge of colours. Historically, William Morris springs to the mind with his famous quasi-mediaeval designs for panels and textiles. More recently, the Finnish company Marimekko defined a style that is mostly associated with the sixties, though their influence is still visible today. You’ll find traces of both in many of the designs collected in this book. Regardless if they’re stark and restrained, or flowery and colourful – “Pattern Design” features an abundance of patterns of all kinds and dimensions. This time, the focus lies on patterns.

Format 125 x 125 mm
ca. 672 Seiten/Pages, ca. 700 Abb./Images
HC, gepolstert/with Padding, DEU/GBR
ISBN 978-3-939998-40-2


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