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Dami is a collection of basket forms and covers by designer Seung-Yong Song. The collection is named from the Korean verb that means “put in”. Made from Valchromat, a new Eco-friendly material using a CNC processing technique, these grate-like pieces are light yet sturdy.
spanish designer maximo riera has continued this 'animal chair collection' with 'the elephant chair' as an homage to the largest animal walking the earth, known for memory, intelligence and wisdom. the sculptural furniture object is a representation of the supreme deity ganesha through the head of the mammal, who is popularly worshipped in india as a remover of obstacles. further integrating the indian culture, the carvings and patters found on traditional furniture are reproduced according to the original hand-made pieces.
Etica lamp is an artistic and high experimentation object, produced by italian lighting manufacturer Ilide, born from an attempt to overstep the limits of the material itself. A fine blown glass veil which hedges in a heart of ultrafine porcelain that is translucent and able to change its appearance.
I never knew I wanted a chair made of an old suitcase, but after seeing these that’s pretty much all I can think about! These beauties are made by Recreate, and they have loads more on their website.
I designed this fabric and had it digitally printed for a client who then used to it have an old chair re-uplholstered. The original fabric was plain dark green.
Kaspar Hamacher At a first glance, the furniture made by Kaspar Hamacher can look a tiny bit like the kind of trippy, wooden ephemera often peddled at Glastonbury. Until you realise that this is something a little different…he’s made them with fire!
designer boris bally of providence, rhode island utilizes the graphic and material potential of recycled traffic signs as his medium, transforming them into bold, statement pieces of furniture.
'glasshouse' by czech designer kristýna pojerová is a mini greenhouse that double functions as pendant lamp. on show at prague designblok 2011, the light has been created to satisfy the desire to grow fresh herbs within an urban kitchen.
Broken skateboards are an unfortunate side effect of skateboarding and are usually destined for the landfill. Deckstool recycle this waste into unique, high quality furniture and other cool products.
This September Bentley Graduates welcome you to raise funds for the Prince's Trust by bidding on unique collectors items handcrafted here in Crewe. Craftsmen and women from the Tooling, Woodshop and Styling teams at Bentley Motors have turned their creative energy into crafting a range of one-off collectors items that illustrate the Bentley principles of authenticity, exclusivity and outstanding craftsmanship.