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'think different' (apple tribute) by viktor hertz is the swedish graphic designer's way of saluting the innovation that stems from apple. with this exercise, he reinterprets the brand's iconic logo to address various avenues of literally 'thinking different'.
Arjan Benning (1972) works for various advertising agencies, cultural institutions, museums and magazines worldwide. In his work it’s remarkably that he often seeks the border where authenticity and amazement are close together. He is a staged photographer by who form centainly figures as content. He is committed to a laxity in the staging.
Metronic Pro a new typeface by Mostardesign Studio Created by Olivier Gourvat in early 2013, Metronic Pro is a sans-serif typeface with a technological and minimalist look for text and headlines.
A collection of images of the seductive and mythological snake. Mark will be publishing a book about this series in the fall of 2012.
lindsey bessanon began her creative career as a jeweler in arizona, USA in 2003, casting insects in gold or silver. however, bessanon's work soon morphed into one more sculptural in nature as she hoped to appreciate the coloring of each bug by adding metallic parts, resulting in a collection of robotic bugs.
Nir Adar creates sculptures made of food ... We think he is crazy. But being crazy is a lot of fun! Nir Adar is a New York based Chef, Food Stylist and an Artist. Before coming to the US to begin this leg of his career, Nir worked as a chef and restaurant consultant, traveling the world following his passion for food. www.niradar.com
Lions & Mice is a continuing personal project. This issue was inspired by a series of Photographs taken by Wieteke Teppema and simple graphical symbols and shapes. I used Apple symbols font, better known for its facebook uses for inspiration and in the work. I feel it frees up the design process to have a limited number of shape options and I could spend more time thinking about colour tone and position.
INDIVIDUELL & NATÜRLICH iPhone Rückseiten - ersetzt die Glasrückseite von iPhone 4/4S Eden macht das iPhone 4/4s zu etwas ganz Besonderem. Mit unseren Rückseiten aus FSC-zertifiziertem Echtholzfurnier kann das iPhone individualisiert werden, ohne dass es auch nur 1mm dicker wird.
working with paper, amsterdam-based artist ingrid siliakus creates miniature works of architecture with highly intricate details. the three-dimensional pieces incorporates the structural nature of a 90 degree angle to delineate, in a manner resembling pop-up books, a skyline, clusters of buildings, network of stairs, and more.
working in his garage with a homebuilt air-gap flash rather than any special camera,american artist alan sailer captures the explosion of foods and other objects when impacted at high speeds.