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Did you ever think a concrete seating element could be so well defined? The Concrete Chair was developed by Stefan Zwicky, a designer currently living in Zurich and makes quite a strong impression on its first time viewers.
This Rhino Chair looks like a prop straight out of Jumanji and I couldn’t be more jealous of its owners. Designed by Maximo Riera, the three-legged chair is divided in half for luxury seating on one side and sheer rhino badassery on the other.
Arik Ben Simhon designer Tel Aviv is known for bold design pieces which reference the fashions of contemporary culture and sport.
The structure is made by 3 iron elements (laser-cut and bended) joined together and the top is made by 2 solid oak-wood boards.
israeli design student yael zwickel has created 'make-a-table'. this project centers around legs made from cast metal and worked with a lathe: they can be adjusted to fit on any object measuring up to 10 centimeters thick, quickly and simply turning it into a one-of-a-kind table.
Lycra fabric lampshade. Acts as a floor lamp, ceiling lights, or lighting object lying on the floor. Original print on fabric, which has many variants. Before an assemblage of the lampshade fits into a container of approximately 100 x 6 x 6 cm.
Contemporary graphic design from different parts of the world. Globalisation makes cultures and societies increasingly assimilate. Nevertheless, many regional designs still retain distinctive and characteristic. These characteristic designs are collected in the compilation “Worldwide Graphic Design”.
Pinocchio is an adjustable stool with ironic character. Its design, based on a proportional ratio between conical volumes, gives to the stool a strong iconography and at same time communicates its double configuration (two different position of the seat).
Who we are: design3000.de is the leading German online shop that features gifts, home accessories and lifestyle products. We have approximately 45 employees located in Erbach, in the beautiful Odenwald, who are eager to inspire our customers.
MURMUR The collection’s designs are defined by clean lines that reflect solidity. Each piece has a three-dimensional character, given by the design of the irregular surfaces of the corners.