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Sagemcom presents its new, but highly reminiscent, phone: The Sixty. A perfect inclusion for your home with a touch of creativity, the Sixty brings together a truly retro design look with the latest DECT cordless phone technology.
DEX is a refined, compact en minimalist desk. DEX draws attention to the edges of the materials in an otherwise white composition.
‘BARK’ is a set of chairs that came from the observation of a tree’s section, as a way of expressing the unique relationship between the outside and the inside. What you can immediately see and what truly lays within.
Nju Studio's Nifty "Collect, Stack, Set" Stool Years ago I worked for a startup magazine, and we traveled to a prominent college to do a launch event. Sadly, when we arrived we discovered that not only had our event had been poorly publicized, but the college kids were using stacks of our premiere issue (which we'd pre-shipped to them) to prop heavy doors open.
check out our brandnew Cubes: "Graphic Design 3", "Letterhead & Business Cards 2", "Sound & Design" and "Websites 3"
This modular lamp is contemporary study of two materials- both placed in a foreign context. The reflective and semitransparent material delivered by the Philippine company Stavellan Inc. uses this material as never before.
It's got half the calories with the same great taste. MILK mini is a slimmer version of it's predecessor offering a simple solution for those who have a smaller workspace.
Vladimir Rachev is a young designer who was born in Bulgaria but has been living and designing in the UK.
Itís for those who need something simple, functional and useful. Designed for production even in low-tech workshops without losing its advantages. Flat pack, durable, easy to assemble, disassemble, move and store it will not fall apart when you lift it up.
Light Tank is a new way to think light. Funny and cool the lamp is made of a polyethylene tank with 5/10/20/30lt with a low consumption lamp 11W cool white or rgb 3w with remote control.