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eCO2 is an cleaning system for clothes for the private household, designed to be formaly integrated into the living space. ECO2 cleans with liquid CO2 instead of water.
Everyone is talking about energy-saving light bulbs. Some praise them as the brightly-lit path to a better future, others curse them as a technocratic, emotionless farce from an era fixated on energy efficiency.
This "Kryddstarkt" collection from IKEA has been developped directly on the factory floor in India and Vietnam, and is currently sold in limited edition in a few Swedish stores :(
Dopludό Collective was found in St. Petersburg in 2006. Word "Dopludό" comes from a phonetic transcription of french words "deux plus deux", which is "two plus two" in english.
Unusual side table consisting of a wooden cube and a white top of porcelain. Up to three vases “grow” out of the top. You can fill water into the vases when removing the hollow top.
wow! for all of the gaming nerds, watch this and get blasted. igor chak designed that awesome couch.
“Old finds New” Making old furniture look contemporary with new colourful prints. A project that I would like to take further. Anyone (nice) who would like to join me in this adventure, please feel free and happy to drop me a line or two, even three or four!
Rough & Ready is an experimental furniture morphology inspired by exploring potentials of the imperfect, human, unpredictable, the unfinished "finish" look aesthetics and Independence in work process Object designs are focused on exploring ambiguous forms, materials out of context and a playful approach to making.
The “FOR2″ by After 6 Design Studio (A6DS) is a multifunctional chair designed by Sia Zanjani for two with storage space for up to 15 wine bottles and 8 wine glasses. Moreover, there is additional space in the center for books, magazines and other accessories, which makes the FOR2 a perfect product for small living spaces.
The Drew range designed by Kirsty Whyte for Modus Furniture. The range consists of a Meeting Table, High and Low Occasional tables and Coat Stand. The brief for the range was to create a purely designed product, exploiting its material, which will become a modern classic, making it a sustainable product a customer will want to keep and will last for years to come. This was achieved by creating a striking geometric but flowing form, with a manufacturing process that used one single continuous piece of steel rod, allowing for minimal material waste in production.